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Floor FLSDO-12 Gesloten Semi dieplader - Smit Aluminiumopbouw - Stuur-as - Lift-as - Gestraald en Gespoten Chassis en Opbouw - 05/2021 APK

  Rear doors
  Central lubrication
  Air suspension
  Spare wheel
Extra information
3-axis BPW eco
2nd. axle Lift-axle
Last axle Hydraulically steered
Air suspension
Drum brakes
Double tires
Tire size: 235/75-17.5
Tires avg. 65% good
Spare wheel
Central lubrication system

Chassis and superstructure recently blasted and painted
SMIT aluminum structure
Hardwood floor
Translucent roof
Indoor lighting
Tie rails
Inside dimensions 9559 x 2458 x 3074 + 3916 x 2469 x 2645 mm
Original NL Trailer