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DEOM SCHMIT SR273P PK30000ELB 4S - afstandsbediening - LIER - 2 StuurAssen / 1 liftas

  Air suspension
Extra information
YOUTUBE - VIDEO !!! ---->

BPW Assen
1st axle liftable
2nd and 3rd controllable
Drum brakes
air suspension
LxW: 1120 x 249 cm
Tires 1st axle: 30%
Tires 2nd axle: 50%
Tires 3rd axle: 50%
hardwood floor
Thick / heavy side beam
Crane construction: Pallfinger PK30000 ELBS 4s
4x stamped
Radio Controlled / Remote Controlled
Winch: Pallfinger WB 129 - 100kg
Belgian registration
Everything can be seen working on our video!!!